Six Month Braces

How can my teeth be straightened in just 6 months?

The most common question patients ask is “how can you straighten my teeth in just six months?”

Powerprox Six Month Braces uses tried and tested techniques combined with the latest in orthodontic materials and technologies to move your teeth quickly and safely. Many of the component pieces that make up Powerprox Six Month Braces have actually been used in orthodontics for over 60 years. Powerprox Six Month Braces simply puts these pieces together in a new and exciting way to achieve our main goal of giving you the smile you always wanted in the fastest time possible.

One of the key technologies is the use of hi tech archwires. These wires have what is called shape memory. That means however the wire is bent, twisted, or deformed by the current improper position of your teeth the wire will return to the ideal original shape. This allows your teeth to automatically move to the desired location. Again the main focus of Powerprox Six Month Braces is to give you a great smile as quickly as possible and most of our cases are completed in just 6 months.


Do I have to wear big metal braces?

You do NOT have to wear metal braces on your teeth. We use clear, nearly invisible, braces on your teeth. These braces have a chameleon like effect blending seamlessly in with your teeth. This makes them nearly impossible for anyone else to see.

Do I need to wear a retainer?

With any orthodontic procedure you need to wear a retainer to maintain your final tooth positions. Powerprox Six Month Braces does not use the typical retainer with a large non-esthetic wire running across the front of the teeth. Rather we use invisible retainers that are molded precisely to fit your teeth. When you are wearing your retainer no one will be able to see them. Another popular option is to use a splinted retainer that is bonded behind your teeth again so no one can see them.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 028 9181 2615, to discuss the possibilities Powerprox Six Month Braces could hold for you.