Clear Aligner System

Clear Aligners (also known as Clear Braces, Invisible Braces and Invisible Aligners) have become increasingly popular in recent years.


NimroDental have been making Clear Aligners for over 15 years and they have established the perfect system to give patients a fast and more efficient treatment.


All cases are assessed for suitability by a very experienced technician who will estimate the number of Clear Aligners needed for each case. The models are scanned, aligned and printed by Nimrodentals 3D department, with software which measures the total amount of IPR required and also allows alignment of more than one tooth simultaneously.


  • Invisible, very thin, and don’t impede speech
  • Ideal for adult patients who are reluctant to have a lengthy orthodontic treatment wearing metal brackets or bulky removable appliances
  • An excellent tool for final correction after orthodontic treatment, or Inman Aligner
  • Can realign teeth after relapse post-orthodontic treatment
  • Best for aligning mild crowding of anterior teeth
  • Most effective in labial, lingual & rotation movement with some limited intrusion and extrusion
  • A single posterior tooth can be moved buccally or lingually
  • Simple cases can be finished with only two or three aligners

Clear Aligner System Before and After - JoClear Aligner System Before and After Patrycja


Is it Visible?

NimroDENTAL Clear Aligners are almost invisible.

Will it Interfere with Speech?

For the first few days some interference will be noticeable.

Is it Comfortable To Wear?

Each time a new NimroDENTAL Clear Aligner is fitted, some pressure may be felt during the first day of wearing.

How Many Hours A Day Should It Be Worn?

At all times except for meals and when having hot drinks.

For more details on how the NimroDENTAL Clear Aligners work take a look at this image: